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Meanwhile, 55% of parents of children aged 18 or under in Britain are likely to reduce their spending on food and drink this Christmas, a survey for the charity Barnardo’s suggests.

Some 47% said they are likely to cut back on presents for their children.

YouGov polled 1,053 parents who celebrate Christmas, with 953 people responding to a question about what they are likely to cut back on, for the charity in October.

The survey also found that 42% of parents are planning on reigning in spending on Christmas activities and entertainment for their children.

Some 18% of respondents said they had no plans to reduce their spending on Christmas this year.

Barnardo’s is asking businesses and members of the public to “embrace the season of giving” by supporting its My Christmas campaign.

It is being launched to raise funds “for the many children likely to feel cold, hungry, and left out” due to the rising cost of living this Christmas.

Funds could help provide families with food parcels or supermarket vouchers, warm clothing for children, Christmas presents or vouchers for gifts and Christmas parties for children being supported by Barnardo’s.

The charity’s chief executive Lynn Perry said: “After two years of Covid disruption, many of us are looking forward to a return to normal, pre-pandemic Christmas festivities.

“But for the UK’s most vulnerable children, a ‘normal’ Christmas can mean not enough food, struggling to stay warm, going without presents and feeling left out while others celebrate.

“We want all children to feel safe and happy at Christmas, but we know that’s impossible while their basic needs aren’t being met.

“With the sharp rise in food and energy costs this year, our research suggests many parents are facing additional pressure to create a special Christmas for their families during a time of unprecedented financial strain.”.

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